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therapy work books for adolescents [Jul. 12th, 2013|09:36 am]
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Hey everyone

I work on a children's inpatient psych unit and I am looking for new ideas for group topics and worksheets/workbooks for individual sessions. Anyone know of any good therapy workbooks for teens?

[User Picture]From: slashmarks
2013-07-13 04:38 am (UTC)


I'd be very hesitant to use any sort of therapy workbook with, well, frankly anyone, speaking as someone who's been in psych care. They tend to end up being busywork, and discourage working on things, since it's a good way of implying everyone's problems should be in the same form and have the same set of solutions. If you do end up using them, I'd just like to encourage you to make it an optional thing and have more than one choice of worksheet, even if all of your patients are there for the exact same thing.
[User Picture]From: sofaking_lame
2013-07-16 10:14 pm (UTC)


I've actually used certain worksheets with the kids on the unit and they were all asking for more and liked them very much. It's all about how you present it and the worksheets you use. I don't really consider it "busy work" as I don't make the kids complete them if they don't want to. I've been working on the unit for almost 4 years and most patients enjoy these types of activities, especially the female teens.